Anup Barua

Anup Barua is one of the finest vocalists in Bangladesh today. With his classical virtuosity and passion for music, he has developed a distinct style that reflects a unique blend of depth and resonance.

“His velvety voice effortlessly flows between highs and lows of the octave; creating a mahol (ambience) that is used to describe sub-continental music”.

Like his renditions of Nazrulgeeti, his folk, modern Bengali songs, gazals, and thumris are also highly appreciated by music lovers. Anup’s classical training started under Ustad Nirad Baran Barua at a very early age. At the age of 14, he became a national champion in classical music and received the Gold Medal from the President of Bangladesh. In addition to receiving numerous 1st Place awards in Nazrulgeeti and classical music, he was a three-time Gold Medal recipient in several music competitions ( ‘81,’82 & ’83) in the country. He later attended Gandharva Mahavidyalaya in Delhi and Mumbai on a scholarship by the Government of India and earned the prestigious “Sangeet Visharad” degree. To further refine his skills, Anup continues his training in Kirana Gharana under Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan. Anup worked as the head of the classical department at Chhayanaut and worked as the classical instructor at Bengal Foundation , Dhaka,Bangladesh since 2003. He also taught at Shilpakala Academy and worked as one of the audition judges as well as a trainer of the much hyped Closeup 1, 2005 (a nationwide musical talent search) organized by Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. and NTV.