Partha Parna

Drs. Partha and Parna Mukhopadhyay - popularly known as "PARTHA & PARNA", are versatile and talented virtuosos from the Midwest area of North America. Although they are both biomedical scientists and University faculties, their passion for music has taken them all over North America as invited singer-performers. They have participated as invited artists in various Bangamelas and Bangasanmelans.

Their songs are regularly broadcasted from Washington Bangla Radio, USA, the TARA MUZIK show “GAAN AAJKAAL”, Zoom TV/Music Bangla and Voice 24, West Bengal, India. Being trained in Hindustani vocal music, Partha and Parna perform with excellence a wide genre of songs such as Semi-Classical, Rabindrasangeet, Nazrulsangeet, Bengali modern and folk songs, Ghazals, Bhajans as well as contemporary Hindi and Bengali movie numbers.

Besides being a singer Partha is also an exceptionally talented and popular standup comedian in North America for his self-written comic sketches and parodies and his outstanding mimicry of well-known personalities from Bengal. The unique blend of melody and comedy in their shows - has won Partha & Parna numerous accolades throughout North America and in Kolkata. Partha and Parna’s first Album released by Rhyme Records, USA, and entitled “Emotions Rekindled” – is a unique ensemble of melodious songs and hilarious parody songs & comic sketches. This CD-album received rave reviews in UK and in USA. Their second Album "Shurer Ramdhanu Ronge" has been released recently by "GATHANI RECORDS" of Kolkata, in the famous TARA CLUB program of TARA MUZIK. To listen to/watch Partha and Parna’s songs/music videos & live performances please visit: .

Partha Parna March 2018

Partha and Parna also performed as invited artists in Kolkata TV channels such as TARA MUZIK - especially in "AAJ SHAKALER AMONTRONE" and in “TARA CLUB”, two very popular shows of the renowned Tara Muzik Channel.